More Films

A Crude Awaking: The Oil Crash – Peak-oil theory investigation

A Good Year – Investment banking and fraud

Amelie – Maximising utility

American Psycho – Financial intrigue

Ashani Sanket (Distant Thunder) – Economics of famine

Balkanizateur – Efficiency of capital markets

Black Gold – farming in Nigeria – the challenges faced

Boiler Room – Making illegal profits

Brassed Off – Effects of Industrial decline

Cast Away – Motivational theory

City of God – Poverty and the value of human life in Brazil

The Corporation – Corporations as externalising machines

Darwin’s Nightmare – Tragedy of the commons, the effect of multinational co-operations on Uganda and Tanzania

Death of a Salesman – Choice of profession, sense of self-worth based on economic performance

Elite Squad – Importance of trust and property rights in economic development

Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room – Perverse incentives, regulation of private business, supply restrictions raising price

Erin Brokovich – Environmental externalities

Goldfinger – Relative price of gold

The Insider – Business ethics

Kinky Boots – Redundancy, motivation and product operations

LA Confidential – Prisoners’ dilemma

La Haine – Government interest in employment and education

La Terra Trema – Poverty and the risks of entrepreneurship

Life and Debt – Fair trade, inequality and economic growth

Monty Python’s Life of Brian – First-degree price discrimination (Haggling scene)

The Lives of Others – Spending GDP

Mary Poppins – A run on the bank

McLibel – Externalities and civil justice

The Meaning of Life – Externalities from consumption (“Mr Creosote explodes” scene)

Mother India – Rural financial markets in poor countries

Oliver Twist – Economics of crime, economics of charities

Of Mice and Men – The Great Depression, migrant workers, the multiplier effect

Other People’s Money – Business understanding

Pride and Prejudice – Dowries, economics of inheritance

Rogue Trader – The collapse of Baring’s Bank

Rounders – Game theory, risk aversion and behavioural economics – Venture capital, business growth and failure

St Francis – Choice between wealth and poverty

Thank You for Smoking – Power of corporation, nature of business ethics, the principal-agent problem and externalities

There Will be Blood – Entrepreneurship and risk

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – Barriers to entry, labour theory of value, turning labour into capital, economic value of trust, role of property rights

The Trillion Dollar Bet – Money and banking

The Tycoon – Emergence of crime in countries in transition from communist to market economies

Toplo – Agency theory

Trading Places – Profit – making scheme Wall Street Real market schemes

Walmart – The High Cost of  Low Prices – Business practices

When the Leeves Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts – Looking at the reaction to Hurricane Katrina


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Organisations and Markets

A case-study by Gherardo Girardi

Many films (not listed) also contain large amounts of game theory, this site acts as a ‘game theory in films’ archive.