Panic Room

Photo by LunaDiRimmel on Flickr

“I’m having an essay crisis.”

Don’t be overambitious: you have been asked to answer a specific question, not write down everything about economics. Don’t stare at a blank page: academic essays are expected to follow a general structure, so start with that and fill it out in a way that directly answers the question. Our effective writing tips can help.

“I’m going to have to give a presentation.”

Once you get some experience with presentations, they can be really fun, but it’s natural to experience nerves. Take some slow, deep breaths and read our quick tips on planning and giving a presentation.

“I’m overwhelmed by maths.”

There is probably a help sheet you can print out or a video you can watch to help with a particular topic. Our Maths Help section has some pointers.

“My exams are approaching.”

We have some tips for revision.

“I’m bored.”

Fortunately, we have some Economics-themed distractions to keep you entertained.

“I’m really unhappy or worried.”

Talk to somebody. Your university probably has a counselling service. Nightline is a confidential listening and support service, run by and for students. Don’t tell yourself that your problem is too small (or too big) to bother them with. You may well find that putting your feelings into words helps you cope with them.

“I’m not in a panic – just checking out this page.”

Good, but don’t let pride come before a fall. Hopefully, your time at university will be demanding and will stretch you, but work issues are so much easier to cope with if you prepare in advance. Avoid essay crisis, presentation terror or exam diarrhea by finding out early on what the task requires and pacing yourself in the run up to it.