During Your Economics Study

During University, you’ll realise that studying is not just about economics. It’s also about your life experience and learning to adapt to new people, new environments, managing your money and a new way of learning.

University can open doors
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You may not want absolutely everything you do to be about economics, but here are a few ways to incorporate economics into other parts of your life.

Work Experience

Have you ever considered doing work experience, taking a placement year or being an intern for a few weeks? With a few ideas of where you could go and what to expect, this section covers work experience relevant to economics.

Studying Abroad

There are a range of opportunities available to students who wish to study abroad as part of their degree. Some universities have direct links to higher education institutions around the world, so it’s worth finding out about these opportunities from your department directly. There are also significant opportunities to study or work in Europe through the Erasmus programme, a scheme with links between the universities of 33 countries.

Student Societies

Universities offer lots and lots of societies with quite a few even offering an Economics society. This can bring lots of benefits, from new friends or knowledge to job prospects. Of course, if there is no society you can always start your own.

For your no study time, we have many distractions that still have an economics flavour.