Economics Students’ Views

Have you ever wondered if your experience of university is the same as other economics students? Or are you simply nosey and want to see how other people feel their studies are going?

So why did you choose to study economics?

Bob Denham from the University of Bristol asked a range of students from both the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol why they chose to study economics. This short film reveals the varied, and often witty, answers.

University – the sneaky approach to learning

A student looks back at her time at University and realises that University taught her a little bit more than she thought.

‘How has your economics degree prepared you for life?’ essay competition

The three winning essays are here. Each made their own suggestions on how their economics degree has prepared them for life.

‘How would you make difficult economics easier to learn?’ essay competition

The three winning students make their suggestions

Views from International Students

Five students from overseas tell us about studying in the UK.