Where can I do an Economics placement?

This information was provided by Matthew Rusling of the Bristol Business School. It shows some of the destinations of Economics and Business undergraduates, providing you with ideas of where you could go. The length of the placements varied, some firms offer 3 weeks whilst others stretch to 12 months, the decision is yours.

Some of these sites have links straight to their intern / placement scheme. However, many firms do not have this information on their site. If this is the case we have linked the careers page where there is information on who to contact and what to send.

The source of this information means that many of the firms are based in Bristol or Southern England. If you don’t fancy living somewhere new then contact firms within similar sectors in your area. It is likely they would be willing to take on interns or could offer you an alternative.

This stands for any post. If you want a placement in a particular firm but they don’t advertise to placement students, try anyway. Send a cover letter, explaining yourself and why you would be good in their firm, along with your CV, to the careers department. There is no harm in trying and you never know, they may take you on!


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