Tips for students with disabilities

Dear Studying Economics, I’m just about to start my first year at uni but I have co-ordination problems and so my writing is slower. I also have to keep in mind my epilepsy as it could take a day out of my schedule any advice?

Great question. We have talked to some people we know and they’ve submitted some top tips!

Find out what resources the university has for you and try to it as early as possible. To do this you will have to ask! Communication with your lecturers is key. Universities normally have staff dedicated to helping students with access needs, as well as relevant training for their teaching staff. They want you to succeed academically, and will have accommodated students with varying needs during their careers. Help can take different forms depending on your needs, including handouts, the power points ahead of time and alternative examination methods.

Find out when you’re most alert and able to focus. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, eat breakfast and have some free time on weekend mornings instead of trying to get coursework out of the way. If evenings are the difficult time, try to get work done ahead of time over the weekend so nights won’t be overwhelming.

Finally, pace yourself. Uni is demanding, both in time and in energy, so make sure you get plenty of advanced preparation. Timetable your deadlines at the beginning of the term so you have ample preparation.