Maths Help for Economics Students

Economics is a social science. What makes it different is its use of maths and statistics to prove theories and concepts while still incorporating other subjects, such as politics, philosophy, and geography.

It covers so much that you can quite feasibly study economics without touching on some of its specialisms- for example, the economics of gender, film or crime.

The nature of Economics makes it likely that your course will incorporate some level of maths. The likelihood that you required A-level maths (or a substitute) to get on to your course is reasonably high. However, maths still creates a big stumbling block for many students.

This section is not going to talk you through how to do partial differentiation or geometric progressions but it will provide you with links to resources that help.

We’ve produced a booklet entitled Maths for Economics. It’s a handy source to check or revise formulae as it contains revision of arithmetic, algebra, calculus and common functions.

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