About Us

So what is Studying Economics?

This website has been made in conjunction with the Why Study Economics initiative. Its aim is to provide support, help and assistance to undergraduates of economics. We discovered that there is a lot of general ‘student’ advice but discipline based help is harder to come by. With this site we hope to offer you, as an economics student, some advice from students, graduates. and lecturers.

Dr Martin Poulter is the Economics Network’s ICT Manager and Senior Web Developer, responsible for content, programming, and design for the Network’s suite of websites and social media. He also provides panic recommendations and pedantry (or copy-editing as it’s better known).

Samantha Millington graduated from the University of Bristol and is currently working with the Network. She is responsible for content and programming, as well as authoring blog posts for our two sites.

Economics Network of the HE Academy

The Studying Economics and Why Study Economics sites are both based with the Economics Network. The Economics Network works to promote high-quality learning and teaching in the economics HE community. The Network is based at the University of Bristol but works with economics teachers and lecturers in schools and universities across the country. The Economics Network team provide all sorts of guidance and support to make this site a reality.

Royal Economic Society

Both this site and WhyStudyEconomics are supported by the Royal Economic Society, a professional association promoting the encouragement of the study of economic science in academic life, government service, banking, industry and public affairs.